Can You Really Multitask While Watching TV?

If you are like a lot of people, one of the things that you probably enjoy doing after a long day is sitting down and watching TV, whether you prefer to watch your favorite television shows or whatever movie might be on. However, you might feel as if you should be getting other things done instead of simply sitting around and watching TV.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to multitask while you are watching TV, which will allow you to enjoy one of your favorite relaxing activities while also allowing you to get things done around the house.I Read more »

Never Miss An Episode Of These Shows

In terms of quality, television shows have improved dramatically over the years. Many television shows will likely be watched for years to come, and the artistic merit of television shows has never been higher. The following shows represent the height of great television.

The Walking Dead

When most people think about zombies, they think about cheesy movies from the 1950s and 1960s. However, the walking dead has made zombies a viable medium for action-packed, intriguing drama. All television fans who can withstand a bit of zombie-infested terror will want Read more »

Why You Should Never Watch Daytime TV

Some people believe that watching daytime television will rot their brains. Although it is the truth that those who spend inordinate amounts of time on the couch watching daytime programming may be missing out on the more important things in life, a bit of daytime television can actually prove beneficial. For instance, with all that is going on in today’s world, many people regularly become overstimulated and overloaded. Watching daytime television is a great way to get some much-needed Read more »

Unhealthy Recipes Often Infiltrate “Cooking” Shows

Most television viewers with cable have found themselves surfing through channels, and pausing to watch one of the many local or national cooking shows. In an age where everyone is concerned about health, we all take a second look at recipes, to get a better understanding of their nutritional value. Don’t be convinced that recipes are healthy simply because they made the cut, and are appearing on cable. Do your homework, and make sure.

Chefs that prepare food on live television have little time Read more »

The Most Politically Conservative News Channel

There is no doubt in my mind that the Fox News Channel presents news with a definite conservative slant. The station defends itself against any suggestion of political bias and insists their coverage is well balanced but the station’s bigwigs are well known conservatives. The president of Fox News Roger Ailes has strong ties with the Republican Party dating back to Nixon years and the station’s owner Rupert Murdoch is one of the Republican Party’ Read more »

Can A News Channel Really Be Unbiased?

The daily news is thought by many to be an unbiased source of objective information. Reporters are expected to report the happenings of the day without interjecting their own views or opinions. The ideal situation for a news channel would be to stick to the factual content. The problem with the news is that remaining unbiased is extremely difficult even though it can be possible. People in general love to give a personal perspective and naturally have their own analysis of the situation.Additional information can be found at The problem is that this creates bias Read more »

Are Kids’ Shows Really Fit For Kids?

Growing up in the mid 80′s and 90′s kid shows were always fun and at the same time taught a very important life lesson. This unfortunately is hard to come by in recent years. Many of the shows today will subject you children to mindless shows that have crude and even inappropriate humor. Many of these kid shows have absolutely nothing to offer your kids in terms of education.

There are a few exceptions to this of course. Many Read more »

Some Public TV Shows We’d Like to See…

You, like most of our readers, watch public TV in the northeastern U.S. but are you totally satisfied with the programming you’ve got coming your way? We’ve got a few ideas for the shows we’d like to see on our direct channels as well as our public ones…leave comments below to tell us what you think!
Vermont Jam Makers: How interesting would it be to follow the jam producers in Vermont around for a few months? Everything from the fruit growing process to the canning instruments – it’s such Read more »

Finding Safe Programming For Your Children

In a world that is focused on drama among other things, finding a television show that is appropriate for your little one can be quite the challenge. Luckily, there are a few options for those who are looking to escape the normal and find something to entertain the children.

Many cable providers make options available for a child geared household. Parental locks are provided in most cases to ensure that if your little one gets a hold of the remote or is looking for an after school program, they don’t come across any Read more »

Do Safe Channels For The Family Exist?

As a mother of two growing children, I find myself constantly worrying about what they might be watching on TV or exposed to online. And while I do my best to make sure that they are being smart about what they are watching, I still find myself worrying. This is especially true when it comes to television. To me, it seems like there are so many inappropriate shows on TV these days and it makes me nervous to think Read more »

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